Blessing your child with a Baptism or Christening can be done anywhere that you and your family wish to celebrate.  A gathering of loving well wishers is a powerful beginning and all that is needed to start your child on a new path with the Divine. 

If you have chosen Godparents, they are encouraged to attend. This is their  opportunity to show their love and support and to publicly recognize the presence of that Divine spark within your child.

Your child will not be dunked in a pool of water.  Instead a drop of  Holy Water or Holy Oil will be placed on the forehead.  Your child will be prayed over and proclaimed  Baptized and Blessed!

​The same service can be performed with your pre-teen as it is with an infant, with one  exception...the preteen will be asked the questions directly if he/she is 12 years old or older.  This is known as a Confirmation ceremony.

Adopted children can also receive this blessing.

At Blessings All Around, we celebrate all stages of your life.

Celebrating an adoption with a welcoming ceremony, the reverence of a baby's christenings, weddings, or house blessings; 

We want to help you celebrate and create new traditions.


 "I Do"  

$100 Mon-Thurs $125 weekends

Don't get married at the courthouse,  just pick up your license. The Justice of the Peace option, you'll need one witness.  Simple and sweet.

Weddings & Rehearsals

Mobile Officiant    Service 

Welcoming and Baby Blessings Ceremonies

 "Just for Two"  

$150 Mon-Thurs $180 weekends

This ceremony is perfect for holding a private wedding, or for eloping couples.  Conducted in downtown Long Beach only, choose between a sandy beach area, the shade of a tree, the Lighthouse or the Queen Mary in the background.  Includes a keepsake certificate of marriage.

Baptism/Christening or Confirmation $210

30 Minutes $100

The suggested choice if you have less than 3 attendants or are choosing to have a more intimate setting

​60 Minutes $195
When you have more than 4+ attendants or have a particularly complex ceremony
•Keepsake Certificate of Marriage

Some families are looking for a special addition to, or an alternative to a Baptism/Christening ceremony due to religious or cultural inclusion/exclusions.

This is an event where parents publicly welcome their children into the world and give them well wishes and blessings. Compared to a Baptism or Christening, this ceremony is more festive and can be held on any day of the week at any time. The child can be either a newborn or a teenager. Adopted children can benefit from this service as well. You have lovingly chosen to make them apart of your family and give them your name; Here is a way to celebrate publicly.

There aren't any rules as to how many people you can invite to a Welcoming Ceremony or Baby Blessing. You can have a smaller event with just family and close friends, or have a large ceremony. The best idea is to invite friends and family who have a high respect for your belief system and how you think.

Welcoming Ceremony $195

House Blessing

House Blessings $175

Congratulations on the new home!

Choosing to do a house clearing and blessing for your new home or apartment is the perfect idea when you are not the original owners/occupants.

A blessing is perfect for:

  • Clear your house of negative energy before a baby is brought home  

  • After a dramatic incident in the family

  • When you feel there's to much "drama" at home or life seems out of control

  • Anytime you feel "uneasy" in or about your home

 Available in both spiritual and religious formats.

 The Elegance $385

This traditional wedding ceremony makes a lasting impression on your guests and family. Celebrate your love with all the grace and elegance you've always dreamed of.
•Choice of Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony
•2 Stem Rose Presentation – Bride

Blessings All Around

 The Diamond $460

This elegant ceremony is for the bride that knows exactly what she wants.  This grand ceremony allows for both larger wedding parties (6 or more attendants) and for a longer ceremony allowing for more personal touches.  
•Formal Ceremony
•Choice of Special Touch Element
•1 Stem Rose Presentation - Mothers
•2 Stem Rose Presentation - Bride
•Keepsake Certificate of Marriage

 The Princess $275

This semi-formal celebration is perfect for a smaller guest list of 5-25 people. Ceremony includes bridal procession, walking down the isle and pronouncement.  Who says you cant have a grand wedding on a small scale!
•Unity Candle